BeCosy Reinvents the Classic Onesie

Onesies were all the rage back in 2012, sporting funky patterns or representing some form of animal. Don't get me wrong, these can be cute, but let's be honest, they ended up stuffed at the bottom of the wardrobe because they were ultimately impractical and never quite fit right. What we do miss about the onesie trend is the convenience. Wake up, pop on a onesie, and you're good to go. BeCosy believes that every cosy wardrobe needs a onesie, they just need a few tweaks.

This May, BeCosy is launching their ‘Ultimate Sherpa Onesie’. Dubbed the onesie of all onesies, this piece has it all. Not only is it made from thick, high-quality Sherpa for a luxurious feel that lasts and lasts, it has two key features that set the Ultimate Onesie aside from anything you've had before: pockets and a waistband.

The Ideas Behind the Design

A onesie with pockets.

Me and onesies have a very love-hate relationship; I love the comfort but hate the impracticality. Onesies are for around the house so they never have pockets, but why? When I do chores, I like to have my phone in my pocket. When I go down to grab a bunch of snacks for my next gaming session, I always run out of hands. There is one easy solution, and that's pockets, deep pockets. The BeCosy Sherpa onesie has two pockets that are big enough to fit an OLED Switch, your phone, and (at a push) a water bottle too - we've tested.

A onesie with a waistband.

Onesies are great for being cosy but they do tend to get too warm. This is where the waistband comes in handy. With traditional onesies, you end up taking off the top part and tying the arms around your waist. This worked but was uncomfortable and would end up coming undone. Now you can simply slip off the top part and let the waistband do all the work (sort of like a racing suit).

Practicality aside, the waistband serves as a style element, making the piece more flattering. No more shame when you have to open the door for a delivery in your PJs at 2 pm.

The waistband is 2 inches thick and can stretch to 1.5 times its original size (using our XS sample to test), meaning comfort isn't compromised.

Oh, gimme length!

As a 5'7" girl, I'm shocked at how short all my onesies are. So after being tired of cold ankles, we decided that this onesie needed to be looooonnnggg (it is unisex after all). The leg measures 38" from the bottom of the waistband to the ankles, and for those short kings and queens, we added cuffs to make sure you never end up stepping on your ankles.

Embrace the 'buy once mentality.'

Fast fashion isn't just about not buying low quality; it's about not buying into trends. Buy pieces that you will wear again and again and again. Our onesie isn't flashy or quirky; it's high quality and practical so that you can wear it again and again without getting bored.

The plain design makes this loungewear piece so versatile. Of course, wearing the onesie in your gaming zone is a no-brainer. However, whether you're working from home, popping to the shop, or travelling, you will look and feel amazing in this onesie.

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